Oscars So Lame

I intentionally avoided the Oscars last night. I was mostly successful. We were working on our March budget when they came on and my wife insisted on watching them until we finished our budget and turned on a movie. It is amazing to me the level of self aggrandizing and self importance of most people there. Why on earth do these people think we care about their underdeveloped and uneducated political opinions? Why do they think it matters to us how many cheap shots they can take at President Trump.

I was no fan of Trump, having endorsed Cruz in the primary and wrote his name in on the ballot for the general. I do not believe it is wise to be a fan of any politician. They are fallible human beings who will let you down.

Having said that, I want Trump to be a successful president in that he improves our country. He has the unique opportunity to repeal and replace Obamacare, tighten up border security, and put the media to shame (without looking like an idiot in the process).

To see the cheap shots and low blows from these overpaid actors was annoying. The best part (from what I read) was the final Oscar, where the wrong movie was mistakenly announced as La La Land, instead of Moonlight, (both crappy looking movies in my opinion).

Hahaha, to see the Oscars in disarray…makes me smile.

Stupid leftist elitist bastards