International Women’s Day

I love women…I think they are awesome. I think it is great that we have a day observing their contribution to society and their importance to our country. Women have literally given birth to every single person alive and without them we would be extinct as a species. No man has ever given birth, regardless of what the transgender community wants you to believe. No matter what lie the leftist SJW’s want to ram down your throat, it is not true. It is not true because women cannot become men and men cannot become women. Period. This is not debatable, it is not anything but false. SCIENCE DENIERS

Anyways…(sorry that topic is really frustrating for me)

Have you seen Arrival yet? I really liked that movie, and it had a female lead, Amy Adams… yes the crazy chick from Wedding Crashers. i liked that movie because it deals with aliens, and aliens are awesome. this film took a different approach to aliens though, focusing on their language, communication, and time travel.

Go see it