International Women’s Day

I love women…I think they are awesome. I think it is great that we have a day observing their contribution to society and their importance to our country. Women have literally given birth to every single person alive and without them we would be extinct as a species. No man has ever given birth, regardless of what the transgender community wants you to believe. No matter what lie the leftist SJW’s want to ram down your throat, it is not true. It is not true because women cannot become men and men cannot become women. Period. This is not debatable, it is not anything but false. SCIENCE DENIERS

Anyways…(sorry that topic is really frustrating for me)

Have you seen Arrival yet? I really liked that movie, and it had a female lead, Amy Adams… yes the crazy chick from Wedding Crashers. i liked that movie because it deals with aliens, and aliens are awesome. this film took a different approach to aliens though, focusing on their language, communication, and time travel.

Go see it


Oscars So Lame

I intentionally avoided the Oscars last night. I was mostly successful. We were working on our March budget when they came on and my wife insisted on watching them until we finished our budget and turned on a movie. It is amazing to me the level of self aggrandizing and self importance of most people there. Why on earth do these people think we care about their underdeveloped and uneducated political opinions? Why do they think it matters to us how many cheap shots they can take at President Trump.

I was no fan of Trump, having endorsed Cruz in the primary and wrote his name in on the ballot for the general. I do not believe it is wise to be a fan of any politician. They are fallible human beings who will let you down.

Having said that, I want Trump to be a successful president in that he improves our country. He has the unique opportunity to repeal and replace Obamacare, tighten up border security, and put the media to shame (without looking like an idiot in the process).

To see the cheap shots and low blows from these overpaid actors was annoying. The best part (from what I read) was the final Oscar, where the wrong movie was mistakenly announced as La La Land, instead of Moonlight, (both crappy looking movies in my opinion).

Hahaha, to see the Oscars in disarray…makes me smile.

Stupid leftist elitist bastards

What a gesture!

So my wife and I have reservations for The Crop Bistro in April. This fantastic looking place is in Cleveland, OH, and even though my wife and I live in sunny San Diego we will be traveling there on a work trip. So the owner calls me this morning and informs me that there is a party that is renting out the entire restaurant the night of our reservations and he was asking if we would be willing to change our reservation. He offered to comp our meal and everything! His name is Marcello and he was very nice about the whole thing. I have never been to this restaurant but I am so excited to go. It has great reviews and we have already been treated so well, before we even got there.


This is going to be a short post. I was walking to the store this morning when a car drove by and threw a pie in my face. I was so embarrassed and mad at them because they humiliated me. It was virtually unprovoked…I mean all I did was flip them the bird and spit on their car. It definitely did not deserve a pie in the face.

I am not a happy camper right now.

The Beauty of Stained Glass!

Stained glass windows are a staple at churches all over the world. They are creative, wonderful, and awe-inspiring. My favorite part is that they are created by human hands. If you think anything otherwise, I will challenge you and you will lose. I am right and you are wrong.

Anyways…thank you for stopping by my site. I aim to educate, entertain, and transform people’s views on stained glass and its place in our society. I think there should be more churches, simply because there should be more stained glass. I think mosques, temples, and other religious facilities should also adopt the practice of stained glass in their buildings to make them more appealing to look at.

Buildings are not for housing people, they are for looking at. This is my opinion, and again if you disagree, you are wrong. Its tough, I know. Get used to it. This page is for people who agree with me. If you do not agree with me, you can go back to your stained glassless place of worship and continue to worship the way that you choose. I wont tell you how to do that, of course.

Anyways, here are some of my favorite stained glass displays in churches all over the world. If you can guess where they are from i will give you a TRILLION DOLL HAIRS. (See what i did there??)

Aren’t they amazing???

I have recently tried my hand at making stained glass windows. I found this video on YouTube to be super helpful.

One of the most exciting experiences of my life was getting the opportunity to clean the windows in my church. They are stained glass and delicious. I got to work on a scaffold, clean the windows, and bask in their glory. It was heaven on earth. Also, we got to windex them afterwords for an extra special shine that was streak free. It was great!

So here we are, at the end of my post. I am pretty sad actually. I have had a wonderful time educating you about stained glass windows. They are my passion. They run in my bloodstream. If you don’t like it you can go away.

Before I go, I want to stress to you that if you are not convinced of every one of my positions, you can go back to the beginning of this page and read it again. You be convinced eventually. If not, then read it again. It’s like the song that doesn’t end. Yes it goes on, and on, and on, and on my friend. Anyways, thanks for joining and I hope you have a wonderful day!